It is our great pleasure to introduce. Our company to you through our new brochures Of various capacitor production equipments in the field of Electrolytic capacitor and Chip type tantalum capacitor as a whole processing line.

Since 1987 of company establishments, we have grown up as a reputable supplier of Our main items described as hereunder, to major domestic customers such as Samsung Electric, Samhwa Condenser, Pacheunik and Samyoung Electric in Korea. As well as over 20 overseas market saying USAs, UK, Japan, Germany, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Italy and so on.

Our major products are ;

Electrolytic capacitor

V-Chip line, Single-ended type, Snap-in type, Screw terminal line

Tantalum capacitor

Etching line, Anode welding, Frame welding, Aging, Sorting and Taping line.

Measuring equipment

LC, CAP, ESR, Impedance, OP/SH and DX.

Samhwa Engineering is continuously investing on its research and development of New reliable equipments to fulfill its demands from capacitor industry.

On behalf of our staffs, I promise you that we try our best to contribute the most Reliable equipments and services to our valuable customers with the utmost effortsAnd express our warmest appreciation.

Sincerely yours


CEO Um Sung-Ja